Demain Waterville

From December 1st to 11th, vote for Demain Waterville, finalist for the David Suzuki Prize.


The Demain Waterville Movement is one of 10 finalists for the 2017 David Suzuki Action Prize. With this contest, the David Suzuki Foundation will highlight citizen-led projects and give a helping hand to engaged citizens who are stepping into action for the sake of the planet.

The winning project will receive $3000 offered by the Mouvement Desjardins, as well as a visit from David Suzuki to its community. Organizations and individuals throughout Quebec had until the 13th of November to submit their candidacy for the contest. Out of 150 projects submitted, only 10 were retained, including Demain Waterville’s. Anyone from the general public is invited to vote for her/his favorite project between December 1st and December 11th. A jury will take into account the final tallies and designate the 2017 big winner on December 13th.

The Demain Waterville Movement supports and facilitates actions that will improve our quality of life, the local economy, the vitality of our community, and will reduce our ecological impacts: “Incroyables Comestibles/Incredible Edibles”, collective gardens, a local currency, a youth committee, and a clean air committee—these are only a few examples of initiatives already in development. A committee will also take charge of raising awareness, outreach, and promotion of these concerted actions.

Between the 1st and 11th of December, VOTE to support the Demain Waterville Movement at

Share our great dream . . .

to change the world, one village at a time!

Have you seen the documentary film “Demain (Tomorrow)”?
Are you inspired to take action in our area?

“Because everything starts with a dream . . . one action at a time.”

Our Goals :

  1. To bring together citizens with aspirations for food autonomy, local economy, ecology, holistic health, and communal life
  2. To channel the energy of like-minded people towards projects that are concrete, collective, and creative
  3. To support empowerment and citizen responsibility
  4. To inspire each other so as to be able to better create together in the here and now.

Get Involved! Share your skills:

Different ways to get involved…

  1. Sign up for our mailing list on the navigation bar under “get involved”You will receive emails announcing actions, meetings, etc.
  1. Provide your name to be contacted when a project or a committee is put in place.
    Our signup form provides space for you to mention areas where you would like to be involved. People initiating projects will be able to contact you to be involved with them according to your interests. Click here for the “get involved” form.
  1. The Demain Waterville movement aims to bring together and channel the energy of people with common goals around concrete projects. If you want to initiate a project and unite forces with help from Demain Waterville write to the liaison committee.
    Click here to be in touch with us.
  1. Attend the next general meeting of the Demain Waterville movement.
    Our next meeting will take place in the fall 2016 in Waterville.
  1. Talk about Demain Waterville with those around you.

Rhythm and frequency of actions :

The rhythm of actions will be proportional to the motivation of member co-creators, and will depend on the size of each project.